The Most Dangerous Careers in the United States

The Most Dangerous Careers in the United States

Most Dangerous Careers in the United States

The highest paying jobs are often the safest ones. The guys earning the big bucks tend to be the ones performing on stage or screen, sitting in plush offices, or trading millions on stock exchanges. Sure, they are stressful and there are other risks, but your chances of being seriously injured or even killed are pretty slim.

That can’t be said for these dangerous jobs though. What follows is a list of the ten most dangerous jobs in the US, and while some of them are high paid, you’ll notice that many have wages that amount to what a fast food worker gets, even with the imminent risk of injury and death.

10. Maintenance Workers

These guys are the first called when machinery is malfunctioning and it is their job to put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect others, find the issue and resolve it.

9. Supervisors in Construction

Supervisors are perhaps less aware of imminent issues than their fellow employees, who may be the ones causing them. It is their job to keep watch and to check the site daily, which means they are exposed to anything that may go wrong, from falling masonry to malfunctioning machinery.

8. Farmers

Wild animals, feral livestock, dangerous machinery—this is a dangerous job. The risk of death is low, but there is a greater risk of injury than many other professions.

7. Truck Drivers

You might think that the worst a truck driver has to worry about is getting out of a traffic violation, but you’d be wrong. These guys are on the road all of the time, and when you consider that traffic accidents are one of the biggest killers in the world, with up to 50 million people being injured a year and over 1 million dying, it’s easy to see why they rank highly here

6. Iron and Steel Workers

All of that heat and molten metal—it’s easy to see how this one is on the list, but it’s not pleasant to imagine what can go wrong nor is there much chance of escaping unharmed if something does go wrong.

5. Trash Collectors

Not only is there a risk of injury from traffic accidents, but they work with big, dangerous machinery and they rifle through people’s trash, which puts them at risk of noxious gases, as well as cuts and infections.

4. Roofers

This is an obvious one and we’re sure it’s as obvious to you as it is to the guys who signup for this job. They are skilled men and women and know what they are doing, but when you work at great heights all day and are always one misstep away from disaster, you really need to be picking up some risk pay.

3. Pilots

This will likely worry those of you who are scared of flying, but before the panic begins to set in it’s worth noting that commercial pilots are some of the safest of all. The vast majority of plane crashes occur in non commercial planes and that’s why they are so high on this list.

2. Fishers

They deal with dangerous equipment all day, but they also put themselves in harm’s way when they are out at sea. If you have ever seen those extreme fishing shows than you will understand just how dangerous this job is, with many losing their lives at sea every single year.

1. Loggers

This profession leads the way for the most dangerous by quite some distance, with nearly 4 times as many deaths as second place. It’s risky because of the equipment used, but also the environment, with trees toppling left, right and center and putting the workers in harm’s way every day.

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