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Home: Welcome to North Central Careers

Welcome to North Central Careers, your resource for finding jobs and career information for the Northeastern United States. This site was created to assist job seekers like you navigate through an otherwise confusing job market.

Who are North Central Careers

North Central Careers was created by a group of job seekers just like yourself. Each of us found, upon moving to New England, that we were faced with a strange paradox: the cost of living in New England was higher than what we’d become accustomed to, yet it was extremely difficult to find a job which paid well.

We know all too well that there are a number of websites which claim to assist job seekers. And we know that these sites can be of little help in this area of the country. The job market is competitive; it seems as if you must know someone to land even an entry level position. Simply clicking a button and submitting a resume won’t get you hired.

It’s with that knowledge, and with our own personal experience, that we have created resources to help those seeking jobs in the North Central Careers area.

Where is North Central Careers

This website will focus mainly on New York City and its surrounding vicinities. Connecticut, New Jersey and New York City are all areas which host some of the highest paying jobs in America. But the job market is highly saturated and that leaves job seekers frustrated.

Connecticut and New Jersey are the states with the 4th and 7th highest median income, respectively. But how do you find a high paying job? This is particularly daunting if you’re looking for an entry or mid-level job in New England.

Because we’ve been in your situation, we can help direct you to helpful websites which will greatly increase your odds of landing your perfect North Central Careers area job. Each of our writers has been where you are; we know what works and what won’t work. And we know the struggle and frustration which comes with a job hunt in New England.

North Central Careers will provide you with in depth information on employers in these three states, as well as tips and tricks for landing that first job. We’ll tell you how to find jobs, what to look for in an employer, and will even give you pointers on which employers to avoid.

Jobs in the North Central Area

Connecticut has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, at 4.9%. New York follows closely at 4.3%, and New Jersey at 4.1%. So how do people survive?

Well, these statistics are improving, but slowly. You may have grown accustomed to a geographical area where jobs in the service, manufacturing or even farming sectors were common. In the North East Central region, this is not so. Many jobs are service related, but still others are in government, transportation, the financial industry or sales.

We explore each of those industries within the articles on this site, and our goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need about the job market before you set up your interview. Read through our employer profiles to find out which jobs you like and which are the highest paying. Then read our other tips and tricks to find out how to land an interview.

How Can We Help You?

You’ve looked at the big online job boards. You may have searched community message boards. And it’s possible that you may have a few connections in the North Central Careers. But those boards won’t help you land a government job or a job in the service industry.

For example, according to the US Department of Labor, there are now more jobs available in government than there are in manufacturing. So how do you get your foot in the door of a government organization like Amtrak or the USPS? That’s where North Central Careers can help you. We’ve applied for jobs in every industry; some offered us positions, and others rejected us outright. But we’ve learned from our successes and our mistakes, and want to share what we’ve learned with you.

So, by all means learn from us. We want you to have better success than we had. We don’t want newcomers to the area to face the same struggles that we faced. Use the pages within the North Central Careers website to more easily maneuver around New England’s sometimes overwhelming job market. We’re here to help you; we want you to have all the information you need.

How to Use this Site

We recommend that you take a look at the toolbar above. This is where you’ll find information on the most popular employers in the North Central Careers area. Organizations like TSA, CSX and New York State will be covered here.

You’ll also find regional information, pertinent to those living in and commuting to the area. Statistical information for New England, including demographics, the best areas in which to work or the highest paying employers in NYC are examples of what you’ll find here.

We think that life shouldn’t be all work and no play. So every now and then, we’ll post an article “just for fun.” You’ll find these on the sidebar to the right, and topics can include anything from the worst jobs in NYC or horror stories from the job search front lines.

A Few More Words…

We’ve done everything we can to ensure that North Central Careers is a comprehensive resource for job seekers in New England. But we’re not perfect! If you feel that we may have missed something, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us using our contact page.

Feel free as well to check out our directory. Within our directory, you’ll find links to resources that we, as job seekers, have found helpful. We hope that you will too. You should also checkout BuySharesIn.com, another site we put together that we hope you found helpful.

So, please enjoy North Central Careers! We’ve put a lot of thought into providing a site which will support you in your job search. Good luck, and happy job hunting!