HCA Careers and Jobs (Application, Hiring, Salary and More)

HCA Careers and Jobs (Application, Hiring, Salary and More)

HCA Careers

At North Central Careers, we cover many jobs that are in the New York City area. But not all of our jobs are NYC jobs, and such is the case for HCA careers. If you’re looking for a career in healthcare, HCA may be a good option for you. Let’s look at the company, and how to apply for HCA jobs.

HCA Careers

First of all, what are HCA careers? HCA defines itself as a “family of more than 241,000 healthcare professionals.” It’s a for-profit hospital management company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite its southern roots, however, Hospital Corporation of America operates 168 hospitals and 116 surgery centers across the United States.

If you’re looking for a job in New England and you have a nursing or medical background, take a look at HCA careers. You’ll find a variety of jobs, from medical billing to therapy and rehabilitation positions; jobs at HCA are varied and are national.

When looking for HCA jobs in the New England region, you’ll find the most availability in New Hampshire. Emergency room nurses, medical office specialists and director positions are just a sampling. If you’re looking outside of New Hampshire, you’ll find a few jobs in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

HCA operates in quite a few states across the country. If you’ve already begun a career with the company, you can request a lateral transfer to another location. Otherwise, read on to learn more about HCA pay and the application process.

What Does HCA Pay?

What is your desired career goal? HCA hires psychiatrists, nurses, doctors and clerical staff. An urgent care physician working for Hospital Corporation of America will earn, on average, $264,000 per year. But an emergency room nurse will earn about $30 hourly.

The HCA rate of pay is a bit lower than the national average. Account for outliers, however. Because HCA is a national company, wages will vary depending on state of employment. The national average salary for an operating room nurse is $73,000, while HCA OR nurses are paid around $66,000 annually. A billing specialist at HCA earns about $14.31 per hour, while the national average is $15.59. That said, if you’re moving in from another state, be sure that your hourly pay is enough to cover the cost of living. Do your research on your destination, as some areas are more expensive, and New England is notoriously so.

The positions available within the HCA company will range from clinical to executive. Your benefits will vary accordingly. However, all employees are offered a base package. The package includes the option to purchase healthcare plans, dental and vision insurance, FSA and healthcare reimbursement accounts and to put money in an unmatched 401k. Additionally, the company offers a 10% tuition discount from Western Governors University, an internet college.

Overall, we think you’ll be particularly uninspired by the benefits offered by Hospital Corporation of America. And in conjunction to a low rate of pay, HCA benefits are especially lacking.

HCA Application

If you do decide to proceed with your HCA application, check online first. All the HCA positions which are currently open will be listed on their website. You can browse careers by location, specialization or by entering a keyword.

Once you find a job which interests you, create an account on the HCA career portal. You’ll enter your personal information and upload your resume or CV, and you can apply to as many jobs as you wish. If you still have a Yahoo account, you may use those credentials to sign up for an account. If you don’t yet have a resume, you may choose to fill out the application manually.

Once your application is complete, you will be contacted by an HCA representative if selected to proceed with the interview process. The time from application to hire can take as many as two months, or as little as two weeks. Expect to participate in at least two interviews, and prepare to pay the cost of attending those interviews if you live out of state.

Is HCA Hiring?

HCA, at the time this article was written, had quite a few job postings on their website. The company is hiring in most locations, and several of those positions are work from home jobs. However, do remember to consider all your options before applying at HCA. The rate of pay is low, and the benefits aren’t good. If you’re looking for a job in the medical field, there are plenty of other options available to you.

One option for jobs in the medical sector is Northwell Health. This is a large company, which focuses its medical centers in the New England area. There are a huge number of locations, and whether you’re seeking a career in an inner city hospital or a suburban clinic, there’s likely a good option for you at Northwell. These jobs have a high retention rate, and pay far better than jobs at HCA.

Another option is CMMC. If you’re not interested in moving to the New York area, Central Maine Healthcare may be a good bet for you. The main hospital is located in Lewiston, Maine, but there are sister hospitals in the region.

Finally, we understand that you may need a job in the interim, while you look for medical sector employment. If this is the case, we strongly recommend that you consider a job in fast food. In the New England area, these jobs pay quite well, and in some areas are subject to strict minimum wage laws. Try Bruegger’s for great income and benefits. Or try your hand at a McDonald’s application.

HCA is a large company, but it may be that its size has impacted the way it views its employees. The medical field is historically a high paying field, but HCA careers don’t reflect this. If you’re looking for an entry level stepping stone position, try a job at HCA. But if you’re looking for a career in the medical industry, we recommend you look elsewhere.

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