CMMC Jobs (How Much do They Pay, Are they Hiring, Application Submission)

CMMC Jobs (How Much do They Pay, Are they Hiring, Application Submission)

CMMC jobs

Central Maine Healthcare isn’t necessarily in the central part of New England, but we thought that CMMC was worth a mention. The main hospital is located in Lewiston, Maine, and there are locations throughout the area. If you’re looking for a job in healthcare, take a look at Central Maine Healthcare for your next career move.

CMMC Careers

To begin a career in Central Maine Healthcare, you don’t need to be a doctor or a surgeon. There are career opportunities within the organization which include information technology, adjunct professor positions, and medical coding and billing. Of course, if you do happen to be a healthcare provider, Central Maine Healthcare can offer you opportunities in radiology, nursing or as a physician within the system.

CMMC is a 250 bed hospital which serves most of Androscoggin County. In addition to the Lewiston hospital campus, the healthcare network also has doctors offices, long term care facilities and it runs two sister facilities. These sister hospitals are located in Bridgton and Rumford.

If you’re interested in teaching, Central Maine Healthcare is a teaching affiliate at two well known universities. One of these is the Boston University School of Medicine, which is ranked one of the best medical schools in the United States. The other affiliated school is the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Of course, beginning a CMMC career can be as simple as taking on a custodial position or a job as an intake specialist. Regardless of your skills, it’s likely that Central Maine Healthcare will have a job match for you.

What Does CMMC Pay?

It goes without saying that the pay you’ll receive with CMMC jobs will vary based on your position. But overall, CMMC pays employees well, and in some cases above the national average. If you’re a CNA, you know that the average pay is around $9 per hour. But at CMMC, CNAs will earn around $11-12 per hour to start. Registered nurses will be paid, on average, between $23 and 26 per hour, depending on the area in which they work. And surgeons will earn a salary of between $380,000 and $461,000 per year, depending on specialty.

If you’re not a healthcare professional or specialist, you’ll still have the opportunity to earn a good rate of pay. Medical coders are paid an average of $20 per hour at CMMC. The environmental services supervisor will make about $32,000 each year. And IT project managers will earn around $90,000.

As is the case with most hospitals, employees at CMMC will receive a good benefits package. CMMC staff have access to medical and dental insurance, as well as a retirement savings plan. Long and short term disability insurance plans are offered, as is life insurance. Employees also receive the option of a flexible spending account, which offers tax-free or low tax options for medical or dependent care expenses.

CMMC Application

If you’re interested in CMMC jobs, you’ll find CMMC applications online. You can visit the hospital’s website for a complete list of the available positions, and apply through the job search portal. Jobs are also frequently listed on other sites, such as and But for the most up to date listing of job opportunities, just visit the healthcare network’s website.

The application and hiring process at CMMC is similar to that of other large healthcare centers. You’ll be asked to register for a job seeker account on the CMMC website, to which you’ll be permitted to upload your resume or CV. Once you’ve created your account you can easily apply for any CMMC jobs within the system.

Remember, though, that you’ll be one of hundreds of applicants for any given job. It’s best (with CMMC as well as any other employer) to follow up your cover letter and resume by placing a quick call to the hiring manager of the department to which you’ve applied. Of course, we’re by no means recommending that you harass your prospective employer, but do give them a call and introduce yourself.

If you know people who have CMMC jobs, reach out to those employees. He or she may be able to direct you to speak with someone who may be able to increase your odds of getting hired. Jobs at Central Maine Healthcare, like most other jobs, are easier to come by if you know the right people.

Is CMMC Hiring?

CMMC is hiring. Just a quick glance at their website will list job opportunities including surgeons, x-ray technicians and HIPAA specialists. If you’ve got training in medical coding or as, say, a medication technician, there’s a job for you, as well.

As we stated, Central Maine Healthcare isn’t exactly a commutable distance from New York City. In fact, Lewiston is about a 6 hour drive. But if you’re looking for a New England medical career, CMMC jobs might be a good fit for you.

If you’d like to keep your job search a little closer to home, you can check out one of the many hospitals in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. Bellevue Hospital Center in NYC is the oldest public hospital in the United States, and has job openings in all areas. There are also job opportunities within the New York University system of medical centers.

Are you looking for a teaching position? New York and Connecticut are central to a large number of universities and even community colleges. Columbia University and New York University both offer jobs in teaching, and Columbia University has a particularly notable medical school.

If you’re looking for a job that’s in New England but away from the busy city, CMMC is a great place to begin your job search. Whether you’re a surgeon or a plumber, you’ll find quite a few jobs which will fit your skill set ad will pay you well for those skills.

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