Burger King Jobs: Careers at BK (Hiring, Application, Pay Rate)

Burger King Jobs: Careers at BK (Hiring, Application, Pay Rate)

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Over 97% of humans have eaten at Burger King. Okay, we made up that statistic. But a lot of people have eaten at Burger King. And if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have, too.

Burger King is a huge company, with over 15,000 restaurants around the world. There are over 80 Burger King restaurants in New York City alone. So what’s it like to work there, and is the company hiring? Let’s look at Burger King jobs, and what you need to do to get a job.

Burger King Careers

If you’ve ever walked into a Burger King restaurant, you’ve probably seen help wanted signs. Burger King is always actively hiring, and like other fast food restaurants there is a high turnover rate. Getting  Burger King jobs can be as simple as talking to management, but you can also choose to apply through their online portal.

But careers at Burger King, like other restaurants, aren’t limited to the kitchen or the counter. Burger King offers several programs for college graduates and for interns as well. The first of these is their Leadership Development Program, or LDP.

Burger King Corporate Careers

To be eligible for the LDP, you’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree, particularly one which is related to business management. Selected candidates will be invited to a one week orientation at the company headquarters in Miami, after which they’ll be sent on to complete a 10 week program at a participating restaurant.

Those who do well during those 10 weeks will then be put into rotation at several corporate offices in the applicant’s region. This is to give the candidate an opportunity to experience different roles, and to receive feedback from superiors and colleagues. After successful completion of this rotation, the LDP participant will be given a permanent job in either a restaurant or a corporate setting. To apply for the Burger King LDP, visit the Burger King website.

Burger King Internships

Not yet a college graduate? Burger King also has an internship program. In fact, a good way to get accepted into the Burger King LDP is to complete the company’s summer internship program.

The Burger King internship is a 10 week program which takes place over the summer months. It’s available to juniors in college or to first year MBA students. Interns, like LDP candidates, will first attend a week long orientation in Florida. They’ll spend the majority of this time in the corporate office, but will also spend a day in a company restaurant.

The internship isn’t just a summer job. Instead, interns will be tasked with a project. The project will be assigned at the beginning of the program, and at the internship’s completion the candidate will be required to share the project with the CEO and others.

Best Restaurant Careers

If you’re neither interested in a corporate career nor an internship with Burger King, there are many restaurant jobs available. You can find these job openings by visiting a restaurant, or by using a portal like Snagajob.

Burger King jobs within the restaurants can range from cooks to counter staff, or you may choose instead to take a custodial position. Regardless of the position you initially begin with, you’ll be given opportunities for advancement. It’s not uncommon for counter staff to gradually be promoted to management.

What Does Burger King Pay?

If you live in New York City, fast food minimum wage is $12 per hour. Outside city limits, you’ll be paid a minimum of $10.75 per hour. If you live in Connecticut or New Jersey, you probably won’t be paid that much. Burger King’s pay scale is decidedly low, and most cashiers make, on average, $8.37 per hour.

Even if you do get promoted to management, you’re still going to just scrape by. Managers are paid an average of $30,000 each year. This, though, will vary depending on the location. Some Burger King restaurants are corporate owned while others are franchised. Be sure to discuss salary in your interview.

Many times, fast food chains hire a great many part time workers in order to save money on benefits. Part time employees will enjoy a 50% meal discount and flexible scheduling, but not much else. If you’re able to snag a full time position, you’ll have access to health insurance benefits, but the premiums are reportedly quite high. It’s uncommon to be able to afford benefits on a Burger King salary.

Burger King jobs occasionally offer paid time off, but this is generally after a year of employment. The company offers maternity leave as allowed by FMLA. It is unpaid. Overall, the benefits and the pay that are offered by Burger King aren’t too impressive, and there are fast food restaurants which offer much more to employees.

Burger King Application

As we mentioned, getting a job at Burger King may just be as simple as speaking to a manager. These restaurants are always hiring, and many employees come and go in accordance with college breaks and the like. To apply, first stop into your local restaurant. You may be able to get away with simply filling out a paper application.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, though, you’ll have to go online and complete an assessment. Online assessments are frequently used by employers to determine candidates’ aptitude. Sometimes they’ll look at intelligence, other times they’ll measure a candidate’s personality or honesty.

Regardless of what the assessment is measuring, each of them are a pain in the backside. We strongly recommend that you try to speak to a manager first, and avoid these confusing and frustrating assessments at all costs.

Is Burger King Hiring?

We’ve mentioned within this article and others that the fast food industry experiences a lot of turnover. People turn to fast food as a way to get a quick job when they are laid off. High school kids will pick up a position in fast food as an after-school job. And college students will often work in fast food on semester breaks or on the late shift after classes.

Burger King is no different. The chain employs over 30,000 workers at any given time, and they’re always looking for more. The best way to find out if Burger King is hiring is just to walk into a restaurant.

Burger King jobs aren’t difficult to come by, but the pay isn’t too great. The benefits are, frankly, terrible. If you’re still looking at employment with Burger King, we recommend you go through the LDP channel, or apply for a summer internship program.

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