Amtrak Jobs

Amtrak Jobs

Amtrak JobsAre you interested in exploring Amtrak jobs? Amtrak is a partially-government owned transportation which operates throughout most of the United States. It’s a popular choice for both vacation travelers and inter-city commuters, and it’s been around since 1971.

While it may not be your life’s goal to work as a train conductor, there are many opportunities with Amtrak for skilled workers. Let’s take a look at Amtrak, and what you need to do to get a job with the company.

Who is Amtrak?

There used to be many more railroads in existence than there are today. Railroads, both large and small, were a primary means of transportation for Americans. Trains were used for travel but also for shipping, farming and other businesses.

Slowly but certainly, these railroads began to dwindle in number. The accessibility of cars to everyday Americans was one contributing factor. The restrictions of interstate regulations is another. And some railroads suffered financially during recessions. Most railroads were at risk of extinction.

In 1970, the government under President Nixon initiated a bill which would ensure the survival of national railroads. And in 1971, the government began to partially fund passenger trains. To make a long story short, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation was formed, and began doing business as Amtrak.

Today, Amtrak employs about 20,000 people. Most of its corporate jobs are in Washington, D.C., but the company employs skilled workers all over the US and Canada. Amtrak jobs in the north eastern US can be found in the form of NYC Amtrak jobs, as well as Amtrak jobs in New Haven, North Brunswick, New Jersey and Long Island.

Get Hired at Amtrak

If you’ve had any experience applying for jobs, you know the frustration of online assessments. You answer question after question, and eventually begin to wonder if the company is trying to trick you into lying.

Amtrak jobs will require the same thing. In order to be considered at Amtrak, you’ll have to take and pass what they call the Amtrak Culture Fit Assessment. Basically, it’s a personality test, and it’s easy to fail. Unfortunately, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t pass this test, so it’s critical to your success.

The key to taking the Culture Fit Assessment is to be sure that you answer honestly. After this test, you’ll have to take several others for a job at Amtrak, and they’re all the same. The tests will ask you the same questions over and over, but the questions will be reworded. Answering honestly will ensure that you have the highest chance of passing the test.

There’s nothing like the feeling that you’ve failed a personality test. We’ve failed quite a few in our day, but companies rely on an algorithm which measures for honesty, social aptitude and the probability of adherence to policy. There’s just no way to get around taking these tests if you want an Amtrak career.

Jobs at Amtrak

As we said, Amtrak has a huge range of jobs. There are corporate positions as well as field positions. And while you probably won’t be hired as CEO or rail conductor with no experience, there are other entry level jobs at Amtrak.

Entry level Amtrak jobs include administrative jobs, but they also include some fun jobs for the traveling type. You can be a passenger engineer trainee or if you’re technically inclined, can be a carman. Paralegal jobs are also available. And if you really want a sense of karma, you can apply to be an “occupational testing associate.” Those are the assessment people.

If you have a more focused skill set, consider a few different jobs at Amtrak. Amtrak is always in need of foremen, electricians, plumbers, welders and trackmen. The starting pay for even an intern is almost $20 per hour, and wages increase by experience and position.

Other jobs at Amtrak

There are a few jobs which don’t fit into the typical administrative or skilled labor categories. Amtrak has need for a few very specialized services, but some can be (almost) entry level positions.

For example, Amtrak has a police force. In a way, these are security guards for trains and stations, but if you’ve gone through and passed your BLET certification, you’ll have a better shot of landing one of these jobs. That’s to say, it’s not necessary to have BLET, but it’ll definitely help you.

There are also dozens of IT jobs at Amtrak. Today’s trains are highly computerized, from the train controls all the way down to the tracks. Look at the Amtrak website to determine if you’ve got the IT certifications that the company is looking for.

How to Apply at Amtrak

To apply for a job at Amtrak, you’re going to need to visit the website. Jobs are posted on sites like Indeed or Monster from time to time, but you’ll have the best success if you just go directly to the source.

Once you’ve found a position you’re interested in, create an account on the Amtrak website. Through here, you’ll be able to upload your resume and complete those pesky assessments. Your job application history will be saved within your account.

Unfortunately, if you don’t pass your assessments, you’ll literally never hear from Amtrak again. If you’ve not heard back within 2-4 weeks, it’s safe to assume that you, like so many others, failed the personality test.

If you do happen to pass the screening, you’re in for a nice job. Amtrak offers tax free savings accounts, health insurance, life insurance and a retirement plan. You’ll also enjoy up to 12 weeks off for FMLA each year. Depending on your position, you’ll get a ton of vacation days, or other paid time off. Amtrak pays overtime, and they also offer educational benefits to their employees.

Amtrak jobs aren’t as difficult to land as you might think. Go ahead and take a few of those ridiculous assessments. You’re completing them for other companies, why not for one of the biggest transportation companies in the country?

The rest is easy. Once you pass those tests, you’ll have no problem landing an interview with Amtrak. The rest is up to you!

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