TSA Jobs

TSA Jobs

TSA Jobs

Have you ever watched one of those border patrol television shows? You know, the ones where security catch a bunch of miscreants trying to transport drugs, or god forbid, fruit into another country?

Does that look like fun? We thought so! If you think it sounds like a hoot to catch criminals in the act of overstuffing their suitcases, look no further than TSA jobs.

What is TSA?

TSA is a government organization. It’s an abbreviation for Transportation Security Administration, and employees of the TSA have jobs in many fields. Employment with TSA may be at a political level, or it may be as simple as driving a truck. In fact, a majority of TSA jobs are at an entry level, driving Class A and B vehicles.

TSA is pretty new. The department is under the Department of Homeland Security, which was created in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. While the TSA deals primarily with airlines, its scope continues to expand to include waterways and highways.

In short, pretty much anyone who will be entering or exiting the United States will have to deal with TSA at some level. Whether it’s contact with a Federal Air Marshal or just answering a few questions at the Canada – United States border, the TSA is present at most border locations.

TSA Jobs

The Transportation Security Administration employs over 55,000 people. These jobs range from commercial truck drivers to those analysts who test for illegal substances on baggage. No matter what your area of interest of expertise, the TSA probably has a job which will encompass it.

Jobs at TSA are, of course, government jobs. And as with most government jobs, you’ll have a bunch of benefits to enjoy. You’ll get 10 paid holidays each year, overtime and bonuses. You’ll also receive pay increases as you “rank up” within the organization. And the TSA is growing. In 2016, TSA went on a sort of hiring spree, and opened up around 800 jobs to accommodate the growing number of flight passengers.

To get one of the jobs at TSA, you’ve got to be a United States citizen. There are no exceptions. You also have to have gotten your high school diploma, also no exceptions. You absolutely must have a clean criminal background. For the best shot at a job at TSA, you should make sure that even your driving record is clear. Get a lawyer to expunge your record, if necessary.

The jobs at TSA are not listed on the government website. Instead, you’ll go through USAJobs, which is the official database of all government jobs. The website will allow you to search jobs by government office, so simply input “transportation security administration” and “New York” into the search fields. A list of all available jobs will populate.

You can also search by job description, but we think it’s kind of fun to search through the available jobs with TSA. Who knows what might pop up? We’ll look at fun jobs with the TSA a little bit later. But first, let’s find out what you’ll need to apply and succeed.

Getting a Job at TSA

We mentioned that you’re going to need a few basic requirements to get a job with TSA. You’re going to need to be a US citizen, 18 years old or older. You’re going to need a high school diploma and a clean record. But that’s almost every job seeker. How can you make yourself stand out?

First, it’s not going to hurt to have a 4 year degree. Your degree can be in anything, really, but you’ll have your best shot if it’s in criminal justice. Alternately, if you’re an experienced x-ray technician, the TSA will love you.

If you don’t have a criminal justice degree or aren’t an x-ray tech, all is not lost. The TSA also likes candidates with BLET certifications and ROTC experience. If you were in an ROTC program in high school or college, great. If not, your BLET certification will only take a few months to complete.

You’re going to need to undergo assessments for physical health. This includes a visit to the doctor office and, depending on the job, a test of physical strength and abilities. Don’t worry – this is nothing like the army or anything like that. Instead, it’s similar to a test which a corrections officer or a firefighter would take.

In summary, to get a job with TSA, you’ll need to be in good shape. You’ll need good physical shape, legal shape and even sometimes have a good credit standing. But if you’ve got these requirements covered, you can easily stand out from the other applications merely with your employment or educational history.

Jobs at TSA

We’ve already mentioned quite a few of the TSA jobs. Careers can range from truck drivers to administrative tasks, and the job you get will depend on your interests and experience.

An entry-level transportation security officer will make an annual salary in the range of $25,000 to $40,000. The actual dollar amount will vary depending on the level of experience of the officer. Security officers who are promoted to a “lead” position will enjoy a salary of between $35,000 and $50,000. Supervisors are paid as much as $60,000 per year.

You don’t have to be an officer to work for the TSA, though. Jobs at TSA include firefighters, IT security specialists, machinists and even child care providers. But in addition to these non-security jobs, there are some pretty cool ones, too. TSA officers frequently work with canines to detect drugs or explosives.

Jobs at TSA aren’t without risk, though. As with any security position, it’s important to understand that you’ll be working with a variety of people, many of them who may be angry or unpredictable. To date, there has only been one TSA officer killed on duty. The employee was killed at Los Angeles International Airport in 2013. TSA officers will enjoy great benefits and an interesting job, but must remain mindful of the dangers of the job.

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