The Top 5 Employee Complaints: Salary and Non-Salary

The Top 5 Employee Complaints: Salary and Non-Salary

Biggest Employee Complaints

The most common complaint received by bosses from employees is that the pay is too low or unfair. In fact, pay counts for a huge number of workplace complaints, but what happens when you remove these complaints from the equation, what are the most common workplace complaints then?

1. Benefits

Even when you take away the pay related issues, money still accounts for one of the biggest issues as employees are complaining that benefits cost too much. And this is important, because benefits are what make low-paying jobs worthwhile for millions of Americans. They are essential, and when they are too expensive they are out of reach.

2. Bosses Over Manage

As far as we are concerned, there are two types of employees: those that hate their boss and those that pretend to like them. Anytime you put someone in control of someone else, paying them more and making them the bad guy, you’re always going to create disputes and problems.

That’s why one of the biggest complaints from employees is that their bosses over-manage them. They feel like they can do the work without them, but those bosses clearly feel like they need to make themselves feel useless and do what they are being paid to do.

3. HR Isn’t Responding

One of the more worrying complaints received from employees is that when they complain they are not being listened to by HR. In many cases, HR are receiving, listening to and making note of such complaints, they just don’t have the power to act like employees expect.

An employee might expect a manager to be fired, for instance, for a single misdemeanor, when in actual fact HR will likely make a note, keep it on file and then act if they do the same thing again.

4. Understaffing

Understaffing is a massive complaint from employees, because while the owners want to hire as few staff as possible to do the job, the employees want to have as much support as possible. It is a balance that few can get right and it’s why so many complaints revolved around this issue.

5. The Areas are Dirty

Many employees, rather surprisingly, are complaining about uncluttered or untidy workplaces. In many offices each employee is responsible for their own space and cleaners are also hired. But the fact that this issue exists suggests that those cleaners are not always being hired or that cutbacks are made made to stop them working as often as they should.

Complain Away

Some workplace complaints may seem trivial. But complaining is the only way to get things done in this world. We don’t complain about lost luggage when we travel (see Luggage on Tour for tips on how to avoid this) bad quality food at a restaurant or crappy service at a hotel, but complaining about these things is the only way we can get anything done about them.

You’re not going to change all of labor and employment law just by complaining about a single incident at work, but you might be able to change the way your employer does things and improve it for the future.

So no matter how small or seemingly trivial, complain away!

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