Taco Bell Jobs

Taco Bell Jobs

taco bell jobs

Want a discount on Doubledilla Steak combos? How about Doritos Locos? Yes? Then Taco Bell jobs may be perfect for you!

Taco Bell is headquartered all the way across the country in sunny California, but there are over 7,000 locations across the United States. It’s a huge chain, and has had even more success after its agreement with KFC. These two brands are actually part of the same company, known as YUM Brands. They trade as NYSE:YUM and are one of the biggest food companies in the world.

If you’re looking at a career in fast food, check out Taco Bell jobs.

Taco Bell Careers

Taco Bell has two types of career opportunities. First, there are the corporate careers. If you’re looking at a corporate career with Taco Bell, you’ll have to relocate. All of these positions are located in Kentucky and California.

But to get a start with the company, look to one of the restaurant openings in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey. Taco Bell has full time and part time job opportunities in New York City, as well as in the surrounding areas.

The Taco Bell job which is most commonly hired for is the Team Member. Most managers and supervisors begin at a Team Member level and are promoted as they demonstrate responsibility and aptitude.

If you have previous restaurant experience, you can apply for one of these management positions. While most applicants are internal, Taco Bell does hire external applicants for its higher paid positions.

Taco Bell offers annual scholarships to employees to be used toward tuition and expenses at colleges and universities. It’s called “Live Más”, and while the restaurant sponsors two Live Más scholarships, one is explicitly for Taco bell employees. Winners are notified in August of each year.

For what it’s worth, Taco Bell also offers an internal mentorship program. If you’re determined that you want to continue a career in fast food, sign up for the Taco Bell Share Your Road program. It’s part of Roadtrip Nation, and it allows employees not only to share their stories, but also to learn from others who have chosen a similar career path.

What Does Taco Bell Pay?

Taco Bell pay rate falls under the new fast food wage legislation. In New York City, minimum wage for fast food employees is $12 per hour, and that’s expected to rise to $15 by the end of 2018. The state of New York has a fast food minimum wage of $10.75.

If you like in New Jersey or Connecticut, your pay rate will be different. Entry level Taco Bell jobs, like cooks, will pay around $8.50 per hour, and shift leaders only make about a dollar more than that. If you advance within the company to the position of shift leader, you’ll be paid up to $11 per hour, and general managers will make anywhere between $35,000 to $55,000 per year.

One of the biggest complaints by Taco Bell employees is the benefits package. The benefits offered are similar to what you’d find in other fast food restaurants. But they’re not comprehensive, and they’re expensive. Employees complained that they were better off paying doctor and hospital bills as needed, rather than paying the premiums for the company insurance.

Taco Bell has been listed by Business Insider and Forbes as one of the worst paying fast food chains in the industry. However, it does have the advantage that 80% of the locations are franchised, and thus are owned privately. It may be easy to negotiate a higher rate of pay if you’ve got a good relationship with the owners.

All things considered, if benefits are not important to you, Taco Bell jobs may work out well for you. Many Taco Bell employees choose to work at the restaurant while they attend school, or work with the company in the evenings while still holding a daytime job.

Taco Bell Application

Because of this structure of franchise ownership, it’s going to be very helpful if you know someone who works at the restaurant. Of course, the reputation of that employee will have a direct bearing on you. So if your friend is consistently late or doesn’t do a good job, it’s best not to mention that you were referred by them.

That said, and as we’ve said before, go ahead and introduce yourself at your Taco Bell restaurant. Say hello to the managers, and ask about available job openings.

You have to be at least 16 years old to work at Taco Bell, but you don’t need a high school diploma or to pass the TASC. Make sure that you’ve got a few references in order to apply, because the management will be calling them. And make sure that you’ve got nothing on your criminal record.

When you’re hired at Taco Bell, expect to get the hours no one else wants. Of course, if you’re working on a work permit, you’ll be limited to certain hours of the day. But if you’re 18 years or older, you can expect to be given the late night shifts or those in the early morning. This will change as you earn seniority, however.

Is Taco Bell Hiring?

We’ve mentioned in other articles on this site that the fast food industry is known for its high turnover rate. Taco Bell is no different from the other restaurants. Many people view Taco Bell jobs as a stepping stone on their way to other career paths.

Taco Bell does try to counter this perception by offering the scholarship program and by offering opportunities to advance from within. But the inherent restaurant environment coupled with Taco Bell’s reputation for offering low pay makes this nearly impossible. It’s very difficult to get by on a Taco Bell salary.

Taco Bell is hiring. But if you’re looking for a job in fast food, we recommend you look for a restaurant with a higher pay scale. It’s going to be extremely difficult to make a real living on the wages that you earn from Taco Bell.

That said, if you want Chalupa discounts and a part time job, great! Scholarship opportunities and opportunities to advance? Apply at Taco Bell. Most applicants are hired within a month of the application. You’ll be guzzling cheap Mountain Dew before you know it.

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