Best Security Jobs in the Region (Careers in New England)

Best Security Jobs in the Region (Careers in New England)

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Crime in New England and the North Central region will vary, depending upon your location. New York, for example, has a reputation for high crime, but the fact is that the crime rate has actually dropped.

Nevertheless, there are still many security jobs which are available to job seekers in the area. Public security and private security positions are among the most exciting careers, and most require little to no special knowledge.

Here are some of the best security jobs available in the northeastern United States.

Police Officer Jobs

Dream of becoming a detective? Fighting crime and keeping civilians safe? Just want to drive around in a squad car all day? Look into a career in law enforcement.

In order to become a law enforcement officer, you’re going to need a bit of education. Most police forces will require that you have at least a Bachelor’s degree, though this isn’t always the case for smaller police forces. You’re also going to need your Basic Law Enforcement Training. BLET certification can be obtained through most community colleges.

If you’ve not yet attended college, or are in college now, you can also consider joining a cadet program. There programs are like internships for police officers. They’re paid, and the positions will give you ample time off to complete your education. Often, your education will be paid for by the academy if you agree to stay on for several years after graduation.

Once you’re BLET certified, you’ll need to decide whether you want a job with a big city police force like the NYPD or a smaller force. For instance, the town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut has only 30 police officers, including the Chief.

Contact the police department you desire to work for, and apply directly through them. Police work offers some of the most dangerous, yet most exciting security jobs in the country.

Private Security Jobs

If you haven’t passed your BLET but are still interested in security jobs, look into private security. There are hundreds of private security firms across the country, and many are in the North Central region.

In some cases, you’ll still need to obtain a private security officer license, and in all cases you’ll need a clean criminal history. Other than that, though, the job requirements are fairly standard. You’ll be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States.

There are two types of private security jobs. The first is an armed officer, and the second is unarmed. You’ll need to contact your security agency to determine what requirements must be met in order to become an armed guard. In most cases you’ll need a conceal carry permit, but that may vary from company to company.

Several large organizations exist which employ security guards. The best way to find these jobs is via word of mouth. Alternately, you can use a search engine like Monster or Indeed. Search “security guard” and your desired location. You’ll see thousands of listings.

Careers as a Bodyguard

Alright, we said these were the best security jobs in the region, not necessarily the easiest to get. It’s going to be unlikely that you become a bodyguard to a famous actor or singer. But you can still be a bodyguard on call, or a private protection specialist.

Bodyguards aren’t just the protectors of the rich and famous. In fact, they’re used everywhere. Bodyguards are hired to work on college campuses and in hospitals. They’re used in lieu of bouncers at adult clubs. And they may, of course, be hired to protect wealthy families.

Becoming a bodyguard requires no formal training. There are, however, courses you may take in order to improve your chances of being hired for these security jobs. The courses can start at $500 and go up to $25,000; all will cover varying levels of training from self-defense to firearms.

The agency with which you apply will be able to guide you through the steps you need to take to get one of these security jobs. But again, you’ll usually not need formal training. As always, be sure your criminal history is clean. You’ll also need to understand that if you’re employed as a personal bodyguard, you may have some other jobs to do. You may need to drive or to travel, so be sure you understand the scope of the job before you sign on.

Transportation Security Work

No matter what state you live in, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for security jobs within transportation. We’ve covered some of them here on North Central. The TSA is one of these organizations. The Transportation Security Administration is a federal agency under the Department of Homeland Security, and has job openings nationwide.

Private and other government agencies need security agents within their organizations as well. Amtrak is one such organization. Amtrak hires its own security officers. CSX is another; you can apply to be a police officer with the company. The Federal Railroad Administration generally oversees the training of these security professionals.

Jobs as a Bouncer

What list of security jobs would be complete without mentioning a bouncer? Despite popular belief, you don’t need to be a 400 pound bodybuilder in order to become a bouncer. Instead, all you need is a cool head and a little bit of strength.

Bouncers work at private events, but many nightclubs, sports venues and bars also enlist the help of bouncers. Some of these women and men sometimes undergo intensive training. Others take one or two courses online. Still others have no education but a high school diploma or a GED.

Bouncers don’t have the highest pay rate of all the security jobs. But they might have access to the best perks. On average, bouncers only make around $13 per hour. But they’re often introduced to some pretty cool people. They also can “earn” attendance to events, private clubs and other places without paying a cover charge.

Security jobs, despite the decline in crime in some major cities, are growing in popularity. For most, you’ll need more than a high school diploma or another certificate. While they’re not the highest paying jobs in the country, they can definitely be some of the most exciting.

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