NYC Jobs in 2017

NYC Jobs in 2017

NYC Jobs

Are you thinking of moving to New York? Or maybe you already live here, but are searching for a new job. Regardless of which category you fall into, finding NYC jobs can be extremely overwhelming.

The population of New York City is huge, and it’s diverse. One out of every 38 people in the United States lives in New York City. That population includes hairstylists and software engineers. Those people are pharmacists and fast food employees. Some hold white collar jobs while others sweep the streets.

So, just for fun, what are the best and the worst jobs in New York City? Let’s take a look at a few NYC jobs, and you can decide what you think!

Cool NYC Jobs: Smart Home Programmers

Can you set the time on a microwave? Can you program a remote? If you answered yes, you may be qualified to be a smart home programmer. Alright, so you may need a few more refined skills than those, but it’s a good start.

Everyone wants their home to think for them. Security systems know when to call the cops, your refrigerator reminds you when you run out of pomegranate juice, and you need to make absolute certain that your DVR records Kardashians reruns.

But for every piece of fancy electronic equipment, there’s a buyer who doesn’t know how to program them. That’s where you come in. Duke University can teach you the skills you need to become a successful smart home programmer, and when you graduate you can earn between $55 to $75 per hour. This definitely falls into the category of cool NYC jobs.

Cool NYC Jobs: Window Dressers

Think about the last time you walked around downtown NYC to window shop. Did you ever think about the people who make even the most trivial shop items look so appealing? Those people hold our second coolest NYC job – window dressers.

Most people with retail experience know a bit about merchandising. It’s basically the art of placing products in such a manner that people are convinced to buy them. When you get a job as a window dresser, you’re doing just that.

Lots of stores in NYC will pay a lot of money for someone to come in and rearrange their stuff. Sound simple? Only kind of. It takes both an artistic mind and a bit of psychology to be a successful window dresser. But once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s no limit to what you can do. You may even be selected to dress up 5th Avenue for the holidays!

Not So Cool NYC Jobs: Taxi Drivers

We’ve got to hand it to taxi drivers. This NYC job seems to be one of the roughest there is. If sitting in traffic all day with sweaty people who talk too much sounds appealing to you, then be our guest. There are people, however, who choose to do this for a living. And some actually like it.

With the advent of services like Uber, taxi drivers aren’t only dealing with stinky passengers, but they’re also now competing with amateur drivers. Not only that, but you’ve got the inherent dangers of the job; you never know who’s going to get into your vehicle next.

All that aside though, this NYC job does have its perks. You meet a lot of interesting people, can leave the timer running in heavy traffic, and you’ve got a bit of flexibility to your schedule. But overall, we’ll pass on this job.

Not So Cool NYC Jobs: Print Journalists

Who even reads the newspaper anymore? Imagine that you’re a print journalist and you’ve got to witness some of the absolute worst of New York City. You’ve seen it all: crimes, the aftermath of crimes, and politicians blowing hot air. Then you’ve got to write it up into a journalistic piece that no one will ever read.

Now, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. Some people still read the newspaper, especially when the columns are also published online. And there are still awards for journalism which are given for varying degrees of excellence. But as a whole, we think it sounds like a pretty lousy NYC job.

The stress of being a print journalist alone would be enough to make us quit. There’s a great deal of competition in the market, and that’s not just between journalists. Print publications are in a constant uphill battle against digital media. We’ll leave this job for those with stronger coping mechanisms than we have.

Weirdest NYC Jobs: Professional Cuddlers

This NYC job may sound like something that you’d find on the personals section of Craigslist. It also may sound a bit like a bad pickup line. But these people are real, and they hold one of the strangest NYC jobs.

For a rate of pay beginning at $80 per hour, you can be a professional cuddler. These cuddlists are certified (though we’re still unsure as to exactly who certified them) and will platonically cuddle with clients for a nominal fee.

There are rules for both cuddlers and cuddlees. First of all, you’ve got to be wearing at least athletic shorts and a tank top. No undergarments may be visible. It’s recommended that participants remain atop the covers, as cuddling can get warm. And there are even specific guidelines for making sure others know you’re safe.

It sounds like a fun job, but it also sounds like a cuddler might run into some problems. In fact, it sounds like a recipe for a crime scene. And even if the cuddle has the best intentions, remember that taxi driver? Cuddlers are even closer than his stinky passengers.

NYC is a really confusing place to find work. But one of the great things about our city is the diversity of people who live here. You can walk one city block and run into a dog walker, a tax accountant, a professional photographer and, well, a cuddler. You can’t say that about too many cities.

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