NSLIJ Jobs (North Shore LIJ Careers): Applications, Hiring Process and More

NSLIJ Jobs (North Shore LIJ Careers): Applications, Hiring Process and More

NSLIJ jobs

When you think of a big metropolitan area like New York City, what comes to mind? You’re going to see a lot of businesses, like banks and lawyers. You’ll see a large police department. And you’ll usually find a few colleges and universities in the area.

But what else? Hospitals, that’s what! If you’re looking for NSLIJ careers, you probably already know that the system is one of the biggest in the New York area. Here’s what you need to know about NSLIJ jobs and how to apply.

NSLIJ Careers

NSLIJ is now called Northwell Health, and it’s huge! It’s a network of 21 hospitals in the Great Neck, New York area. Even the headquarters are commutable from the city, but there are locations from Manhattan and Queens to Bay Shore.

NSLIJ jobs aren’t just for those in the healthcare profession. While there’s always a need for doctors and nursing staff in the New York City area, Northwell Health also hires for clerical, billing, coding and maintenance staff. If you’re certified in radiology or another specialized field, there are job openings available to you. And even EMT personnel are needed at Northwell.

You can find a list of Northwell Health careers on the website. Because there are such a large number of locations, you may choose to search by location. Keep in mind that some hospitals are in the inner city, while others are in the suburbs. If you like the fast pace associated with inner city hospitals, try the New York, NY locations. If you’d prefer something more subdued, apply Tarrytown or Westbury.

Be sure to check out the commuting options available to you when you apply. If you’re planning on driving your own vehicle to work, you will have to research parking in the downtown locations. If you’re planning on using public transportation, make sure that ample trains or buses are available to the more suburban hospitals.

NSLIJ jobs generally boast a high retention rate. Most people who are employed with Northwell Health remain with the organization for 3 years or more. This, of course, will be up to you, but it goes to show that the company is committed to paying its employees fairly and offering competitive benefits. A work-life balance is also important, and Northwell employees report that they are satisfied with what the company provides.

What Does NSLIJ Pay?

As with any hospital organization, your rate of pay will depend upon the job you accept. A medical coder or pharmacy tech won’t have the same salary as a physician or anesthesiologist, nor will a nurse be paid on the same scale as a receptionist.

A Registered Nurse at NSLIJ will earn approximately $84,000 each year. This is significantly higher than the national average for the same position. Most RNs earn, on average, about $67,000 annually. A Physician assistant will earn around $105,000 with NSLIJ jobs whereas the national average is $95,000.

Of course, there are other NSLIJ careers which will not pay as much as an RN or a PA. A PCA, which is along the same lines as a Certified Nursing Assistant, will be paid over $20 hourly. This depends on certifications, but is much higher than the national average of less than $12 per hour. Finally, if you’re looking for an administrative career, a project manager will earn $93,000. The average nationally is $76,000.

As you can see, the compensation for NSLIJ careers is quite above the norm. But in addition to a healthy paycheck, employees will also receive benefits. The standard benefits package of health, vision, dental and 401k is available at a reasonable cost to employees. In addition to these, there are additional perks which Northwell Health employees enjoy.

The hospital system offers tuition reimbursement and an MBA full tuition reimbursement program. They also offer housing assistance within the New York area, which grants homebuyers down payment assistance. There are also daycare options available for emergency situations, free of charge to employees of Northwell. Paid time off and legal holidays are granted.

NSLIJ Application

If you’ve already landed one of the many NSLIJ jobs, it’s easy to seek a lateral career move to another department or hospital. But for that, you’ll need to speak to your direct supervisor. Options are available online for internal candidates to apply for Northwell Health jobs, but supervisor permission is required. Plus, it’s just good business etiquette!

If you’re not yet employed with NSLIJ, simply visit the website to browse the list of careers available to job seekers. You can sort by location, by hospital or by job, and you can search specific terms. Once you find a position which interests you, create an account on the website and apply through that portal.

Expect the interview process to take several weeks from the time you apply to the time you’re hired. You can also expect to attend several interviews with various levels of management. Northwell Health receives hundreds of applications, and the hiring process may be lengthy.

Is NSLIJ Hiring?

NSLIJ is always hiring. From ultrasound technicians to research assistants, most job seekers will find a position which meets their qualifications. The job market within this hospital system is highly competitive, so be sure to check the website often for new openings. The positions fill fast.

We at North Central Careers like to give you information about a broad range of jobs available to job seekers in the New York area. But if you’re looking for a job in healthcare in the New England region, be sure to also check out CMMC jobs. These careers are perfect for someone who would like to travel away from the New York area, while maintaining the ability to visit.

If you need to find a position while you are searching for a job, check out our information covering Taco Bell, Bruegger’s and Costco. Each of these companies hire new employees frequently, and will help you pay the bills until you settle into your NSLIJ career.

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  1. I am so happy that I can say good things about this very efficient health care institution. It’s been 3 good years that I am working thru my job, with many professionals of the LIJ systems, and I find them very competent. This, also led me to dream about being part of this team, which I cannot wait to join. I applied for many postions already, and wish my dream will come true to become a valuable employee of this wonderful health system.

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