McDonald’s Jobs: Careers in Fast Food (Hiring, Application, Pay Rates)

McDonald’s Jobs: Careers in Fast Food (Hiring, Application, Pay Rates)

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The golden arches are one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Everyone knows McDonald’s. And with 37,000 locations around the world, McDonald’s jobs are frequently a first resort for high school kids and recent grads.

Do you want to know more about McDonald’s careers? Looking for a job with McDonald’s in your area? Here’s what you need to know to begin your McDonald’s job search.

McDonald’s Careers

McDonald’s has 375,000 employees. It’s a popular choice among teenagers looking for an after school job, and it’s often the first place people turn when they’re laid off work. But is getting a job at McDonald’s as easy as people make it sound? Not really. In fact, it can be very hard to get a job with the company, even at an entry level.

Because of its popularity, applicants to McDonald’s are faced with a lot of competition. Many of these competitors for McDonald’s jobs have no work experience, and it’s frequently those candidates who are offered positions. The reason for this is economics. McDonald’s frequently hire these inexperienced workers because those workers will expect little more than minimum wage. Employee turnover is very high at this and other fast food restaurants, and it costs money to hire and train new employees.

Let’s say, though, that you’re really just determined to get a job at McDonald’s. Does that mean that you’re going to be flipping burgers and taking orders? Not necessarily. McDonald’s careers can be in the restaurant, or you may qualify for one of the corporate positions. You can work in the kitchen or you can be a custodian, a department manager, general manager or you can even work directly with franchise owners.

You can plan to start with an entry level position with McDonald’s, and expect to be paid close to minimum wage. Once you’re promoted to a supervisory or management position, however, your pay will be closer to $16-$18 per hour, depending on the location.

What Does McDonald’s Pay?

If you’re moving to New York City, you’ve come at a good time. The minimum wage for fast food workers is $12 per hour. Compare this to the federal minimum wage, which is a mere $7.25. There’s been legislation passed recently which mandates that workers within the city are paid $12 and throughout the rest of the state the minimum is $10.75.

However, living in the North Central part of New England is very expensive. You’re certainly not going to be able to afford a penthouse suite on a McDonald’s salary. But this minimum wage was set in place to protect fast food workers, and the pay rate will increase to $15 per hour by the end of 2018. If you think about that, it’s like a guaranteed pay raise.

McDonald’s jobs offer benefits through the corporate office, and some franchise owners may elect to provide supplemental options. Corporate benefits include health, dental and vision insurance. You’ll also be entitled to a flexible spending account. Short and long term disability insurance are optional.

You’ll also get some sick days, holiday pay and vacation days. The number of these days allotted to employees depends on the length of time they’ve worked at McDonald’s and the position they hold with the company.

One of McDonald’s most notable benefits is its educational assistance program. In an effort to keep those inexperienced workers moving along in their careers, McDonald’s offers an online high school completion program at no cost. For high school graduates, McDonald’s offers the Archways to Opportunity program, which includes tuition reimbursement, scholarship programs and a “Virtual Advisor” program.

McDonald’s Application

For the best chance at landing McDonald’s job, you’re going to want to visit a location. Speak to a hiring manager, and show him your beautiful personality. Here’s why:

McDonald’s is one of those companies which will make you fill out an assessment online. The assessments are tiring and daunting, and it’s very likely that you’ll fail them. To make a lasting impression on the McDonald’s hiring manager, please do show your face. Say hello, let him know that you’re looking for work, and leave your resume. Don’t have a resume? Fill out an application.

If, by likely chance, you fail that assessment, you’ve already made yourself known to the powers that be at the McDonald’s restaurant where you’d like to work. Stop by after your online application is complete, tell them what happened, and that’ll give you a bit of a leg up on the competition.

If you do decide to forgo the face to face, then take care to answer the assessment questions honestly. Again, they’re very tiring and it seems as if they’re out to trick you. In fact, they’re not, and no one is out to get you, but the evaluations themselves are sometimes scored unfairly. You can have the most sunny and bright personality on the planet and still fail a McDonald’s personality test.

Is McDonald’s Hiring?

McDonald’s is always hiring because the restaurants experience so much turnover. College students who are on a semester break work at McDonald’s. People who are recently unemployed work at McDonald’s. McDonald’s jobs are what people first think when they consider jobs that they can apply for in a pinch.

There is a stigma that’s become attached to working in fast food, and we recommend that you try to overlook any of that when you begin looking for a job. Fast food workers have never successfully organized a union, but the rights of these workers have come to the forefront of much legislation in recent years. Just this year, in fact, legislation was passed which will regulate the number of hours in a fast food worker’s workweek. So while working in fast food may carry a reputation of being the bottom of the barrel, it’s actually much better than that.

Fast food workers, particularly ones who work for large chains like McDonald’s, will work long hours working thankless jobs. But they’ll also have access to great benefits and other incentives. When applying to McDonald’s, you’ll be one candidate among hundreds. But we recommend you try to get your foot in the door.

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