Jobs at CSX

Jobs at CSX

Jobs at CSX

If you’re moving to the central part of New England, you probably know that much relies on public transportation in the area. Commuters frequent the subway systems in the major and outlying cities, and in the more suburban areas bus lines are popular.

The roadways in New England to be a bit confusing. They’re also very congested. What may be a 30 minute drive in other parts of the country can take hours in parts of New England.

It’s true that people commute and travel via public transportation. But much of transport is done via public transit as well. That is, many companies ship goods by train. CSX is one such railway, and jobs at CSX are a possibility for those moving to New York, Connecticut or New Jersey.

Let’s take a look at the railway and at job opportunities at CSX.

What is CSX?

In the mid-1800s, there were many railways. So many railways, in fact, that the federal and state governments began to have trouble regulating them. There were passenger railways of course, but there were also freight lines. These freight lines were a large part of the problem. States just couldn’t agree on taxation and other policies, and by 1890 there were only 20 railways.

Then, highway transit became more popular and accessible. Large trucks were enlisted instead of the trains to carry merchandise and raw materials across the country. The railways found it more and more difficult to compete with these cost-efficient modes of transport throughout most of the 1900s.

Passenger rail became centralized with the inception of Amtrak in 1971, and by 1980, the freight rail system was owned by just a few major companies. In 1986, the Chessie and the Seaboard System Railroads merged to form CSX.

Today, CSX is one of the three remaining Class I railroads in the United States. The company does have its struggles, as any other, and there have been recent announcements of layoffs and repair facilities. But in May of 2017, CSX was named one of America’s Best Employers by Forbes Magazine for the third year running.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a CSX employee? Do you want to take advantage of its status as one of the leading railroads in the United States? Consider applying for one of the CSX jobs available in the northeastern United States.

Jobs at CSX

CSX is different from public transportation railways such as Amtrak. It’s also different from shipping companies like the USPS. It’s a privately owned company, and jobs at CSX aren’t government jobs.

Employees at CSX range from freight conductors to diesel mechanics. Some are machinists and others are electrical engineers. Then of course there are the office jobs – CSX corporate careers include IT project managers, financial analysts and human resources personnel.

For an example of payscale, the average diesel mechanic at CSX makes about $45,000 each year. An IT project manager will make well over $100,000. And a locomotive engineer will earn about $100,000 as well.

That having been said, jobs with CSX are hard to come by. You may have all the qualifications you need to become a CSX employee, but sometimes the jobs just aren’t there.

How to Get a CSX Job

CSX is one of those companies where the best way to get a job is to know someone. Networking goes a long way with this company. If you know that you’re interested in a job at CSX, put your feelers out ahead of time. Use social media, message boards, family and friends. Find out who works there and put a bug in their ear. They may connect you to the right person.

If you’re not yet planning a move to New York or any of the surrounding cities, you can apply for a CSX internship. The internship program accepts applications in the spring, and the program itself runs through the summer. There’s a catch, though. The internship program is in Jacksonville, Florida. That’s a long way from home for the NYC resident.

A majority of the jobs are in Florida, too. There are very few available for those in the New England region. If you’re convinced that you absolutely must work at CSX, check the company website regularly for jobs opening in the NYC area.

Working at CSX

If you are one of the lucky few who lands a job at CSX, we think you’ll be quite happy there. We mentioned the impressive salary ranges with the company. But CSX benefits are good, too.

CSX offers programs to employees to assist them in staying healthy. Lifestyle coaching, online weight loss programs, emergency response training and free personal training programs are just a few of the programs offered by CSX. There are healthy vending machines and on-site fitness facilities at many of the worksites.

Some of the jobs at CSX are unionized, and workers will receive benefits through their unions. But corporate employees will enjoy CSX’s range of benefits. The company offers the standard health, dental and vision options. But CSX also encourages employees to take advantage of their financial planning services. Students can opt in to receive up to $5,250 each year for allowable college expenses. And management will receive an annual performance bonus.

CSX is known for the performance awards, in fact. They’re not only given automatically to management, but can be earned by any employee. The rewards and recognitions programs at CSX are some of the most valuable in the country.

Having a baby? CSX will give new mothers 10 weeks paid maternity leave. Adoptive parents get 2 weeks paid time, too. And if you just want to take a vacation, CSX will give you 3 to 6 weeks per year, depending on your length of service to the company.

Convinced that you want to work for CSX? Us too! But, as we mentioned, jobs aren’t easy to come by at the company. Do your research, get to know a few employees, and get in on the internship if you can. The jobs are hard to get, but the pay and benefits are worth the wait.

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