Jobs for Creative People: Writing, Painting, Thinking

Jobs for Creative People: Writing, Painting, Thinking

jobs for creative people

“You’re a what? An artist? But what do you do for money?”

If you’re sick of the drag of a 9-5 job, you may be interested in jobs for creative people. The typical office job can be draining for some folks – there’s nothing creative about photocopying memos and writing business reports.

Great news! There are quite a few jobs for creative people which pay actual, spendable money. You may need to get creative in your job search, but here’s a guide to finding jobs that won’t suck your soul from your body.

Jobs for Creative People: Film and Theater

The North Central region is a hotspot for both film and theater production. And within those areas, you’ll find a huge variety of jobs for creative people.

Set design is one option. For most Broadway and film productions, you’ll need a degree in the field, but it is possible to enter the industry with just a portfolio. Set designers are paid an average of $54,000 each year, and the job comes with great perks. You’ll get to meet actors and performers, as well as attend shows at sold-out entertainment venues.

Costume design is another, and you won’t need a degree. Having an interest in fashion design is a requirement, though, so be prepared to show them what you’ve created. Try your hand at creating costumes for high school and college productions, and use these designs in your portfolio.

Consider yourself the next Gene Siskel? You can make use of your creativity by becoming a critic. You’ll need to first get some entry-level work, but as you publish your reviews, others will notice. You’ll also be building a portfolio which you can share with online and print publications.

Jobs for Creative People: Food and Drink

Becoming a barista or a top chef takes hard work, and it takes creativity. It’s because of that that the food industry has some of the best jobs for creative people.

It’s easy to make a start as a barista. In fact, you don’t even need to have graduated high school. Simply find a local coffee shop which is willing to make use of your talents, and get started! The field is highly popularized by competitions across the country; if you’re skilled enough, you can earn big money!

There are other jobs within the food industry which provide opportunity to express your creativity. Cake design, event catering and work in the garde manger are a few. Yes, that’s right, you can even be creative while making salad.

If you’re looking for something a little more hands off, try your hand at food photography. These artists are tasked with making delicious food look even more delicious – if you’ve got the right equipment and an eye for the f-stop, you can do the same. The average salary of a food photographer is $42,000 per year.

Jobs for Creative People: Home Improvement

Love architecture or interior design? The home improvement industry has jobs for creative people. Of course, if you’ve gone to school for architecture, you already know what to do.

There are careers available to those with no college degree, as well. You could choose a career in home organization and earn around $20 per hour. Interior designers may or may not need a degree, depending upon company and location. Their average salary is $43,000.

If you’d prefer to be in the great outdoors, look for a career in landscaping. The landscaping field is more than just trimming hedges and mowing lawns. In fact, there are entire industries within the field which are highly specialized. For example, some professionals learn the intricacies of sustainable gardening.

Don’t discount construction as one of the best jobs for creative people, either. Construction doesn’t have to mean roofing and siding. Instead, consider woodworking as a career. You’ll design build pergolas, decks, gazebos and other works of art in your woodworking career.

Jobs for Creative People: Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most underrated jobs for creative people. It covers a huge range of skills, and offers unheard of flexibility. Freelancers can be writers, photographers, graphic designers, computer programmers or even social media experts. The North Central area offers plenty of unique opportunities.

The flexibility that freelancing will afford you will give you plenty of time to pursue your other artistic endeavors. Expect to commit a full day to whatever service you offer, but enjoy the opportunities for time off, as well.

You may choose to work as a freelancer through an online platform like Upwork or Guru, or you can fly solo, depending upon your marketing skills.

Jobs for Creative People: Event Planning

We touched on event planning in the food and drink section, but there’s much more to the job than catering. Event planning takes hard work, and a lot of networking.

Even planning could mean organizing birthdays or weddings, or it could mean organizing fundraisers and entertainment events. These professionals have the most success in their industry when they’ve got connections in the local area. For instance, a wedding planner will need to know a range of photographers, DJs, cake vendors and caterers.

While the typical event planner won’t attend the events she orchestrates, she’ll still have the benefit of flexibility in schedule. Sometimes a days’ work will entail just a few phone calls. Other days, however, a 12 hour work day is in order.

Creative People Create Opportunities

Don’t think that you’ve got to be a fashion designer or a professional photographer in order to add some excitement to your job. There are opportunities for creativity in the workplace even if you’re stuck behind the counter at Costco.

Look around your workplace: what do you see? Do you see a sloppy display where there could be a sales opportunity? Ask your supervisor about what it would take to begin a career in merchandising. Management jobs allow for creativity, as do jobs in politics. The fact is that creative people naturally find an outlet for creativity.

There are certainly great jobs for creative people, but don’t let your current job hold you back. Feel free to express your creative side at your current job while you search for the creative job of your dreams.

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