The Careers with the Highest Divorce Rate in the US

The Careers with the Highest Divorce Rate in the US

Careers with the Highest Divorce Rate

The divorce rate in the United States isn’t the highest in the world, but it’s not far off and in some states, most notably California, it’s very high, touching 60% in fact. But which professions are the most at risk for divorce? If it’s true that finances and careers are big factors in relationships then just how big is the difference between divorce rates in different professions?

Divorce can be expensive and stressful for all, with big bills from divorce attorneys and potentially from an experienced child support law firm so it’s something everyone is keen to avoid. For whatever reason though, these professions avoid it less than others.

4. Telemarketers and Switchboard Operators

We can only put this one down to the stress of the job and the fact that telemarketers and switchboard operators don’t earn a lot of money, so there is also an element of financial struggle and the stress of feeling like they are stuck in a dead-end job. Financial distress is one of the main reason Americans get divorced, with jealously being one of the others. It is easy to see how jealously can play a role in the other professions on this list, but not here.

3. Flight Attendants

This is a difficult job for anyone to hold down and it can be very difficult for the partner of a flight attendant as well. They spend their days and nights in the air, working for days on end and staying in different countries each night. The stress they are put under, combined with the jealously and the frustration likely felt by their partners, is why this profession is so high on the list.

2. Bartenders

Availability of potential partners is probably the main reason this is so high. Bartenders are constantly serving drunk men and women, people who go out on a night to enjoy themselves and don’t mind hitting on the bar staff. They tend to be young and this may also mean they have less responsibility and haven’t been married as long.

However, alcohol, availability and temptation are probably the main factors here for relationships to end with one person cheating, while the long hours and jealously could be reasons for it to end without such an incident taking place.

As for number one on this list, it’s a very similar story.

1. Gaming Management

Also known as “casino manager” this job can be very stressful, but the main reason it is so high on this list probably has more to do with the hours that the employees keep, as well as the fact that they are surrounded by employees who look up to them and customers who are drunk and otherwise vulnerable.

We’re not suggesting that gaming managers are constantly cheating on their other halves, but we are suggesting that the availability of such opportunities could cause immense jealously in a relationship and when it is combined with the late hours kept by this profession it’s easy to see why it is ranked top of this list.

In previous census data “dancers and choreographers” was ranked as the number 1. But that was back in 2000 and there seems to have been a notable shift. Either recent data was recorded incorrectly or dancers are more loyal than they used to be.

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