FedEx Jobs (Hiring, Applications, Expected Pay/Salary and More)

FedEx Jobs (Hiring, Applications, Expected Pay/Salary and More)

fedex jobs

Tired of looking for jobs, and need a break? Here are a couple statistics to wake up your brain. Did you know that there are over 300,000 full time FedEx jobs? Did you also know that they only lose .55% of all their packages? How about that their air fleet travels 500,000 miles each day?

If you’re looking for a career with a company which has a sound reputation, take a look at FedEx. The company earns over $50 billion in revenue each year, and has great job opportunities. Here’s what you need to know.

FedEx Careers

FedEx careers cover a very wide scope. Sure, you could be a package carrier. But you could also be a pilot, an IT professional or a maintenance technician for one of their 43,000 vans. There are very few job descriptions that you can’t find within the FedEx company.

FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, but they deliver mail and packages to every state in the United States, and 219 other countries. That having been said, there’s a need for FedEx employees all over the country, and the North Central area of New England is no different.

Despite its name, FedEx is not a government-owned company. It’s publicly traded, and has no relationship to the Federal or State governments. The company does, however, occasionally partner with the USPS for some shipping services. So, while FedEx is a great company with a solid reputation, you’re not going to become a government employee when you land a FedEx job.

What Does FedEx Pay?

We’ll be honest. FedEx jobs aren’t necessarily the most lucrative. The average package handler will make, on average, about $12 per hour. This may vary depending on the service – for example a ground package handler may be paid a bit less than an air package handler.

There are jobs which do pay more, though. Full time couriers will receive an average of $18 per hour, and delivery drivers will earn about $16 per hour. If you’re not interested in driving or a package handler position, some FedEx jobs allow you to sit at a desk as well. A customer service rep with FedEx earns around $13 per hour.

When you apply for FedEx jobs, you’re applying for some great benefits as well. Full time employees will have access to health insurance as well as dental and vision benefits. Options will be available for short term life policies. Employees will receive paid time off after as little as 6 months of service to the company. And FedEx benefits include options for retirement savings plans.

While FedEx’s hourly rate isn’t the best, the company does pay overtime. FedEx has built a reputation for getting packages delivered on time, and the powers that be understand that sometimes you’ll need to work a long shift in order to make that happen. You’ll be compensated with overtime pay. You’ll also receive holiday pay of time and a half if you work holidays.

FedEx Application

You can complete a FedEx application via the company website, but you can also search for FedEx jobs on other job boards. Indeed and Monster, for example, both list FedEx jobs within their search engines. Before you apply, you’re going to need to meet some basic requirements. Here’s what you’ll need:

• You must be at least 18 years old to get a job with FedEx.
• Some FedEx jobs require a clean driving record.
• Employees must be authorized to work in the United States.
• You must have a clean criminal history record.
• Educational requirements are dependent upon the FedEx jobs to which you’re applying.

Once you’re sure you meet all those requirements, applying at FedEx is an online process. You’ll need to register for an account with the company, and then upload your resume. Search for jobs available in your area via the FedEx careers page, and once you find one, submit your application.

That’s not the end of it, though. When you apply for FedEx jobs, you’re going to need to complete online assessments. These are usually relevant to the job to which you’re applying, but they’re time consuming. Be sure that you’ve got time to commit to the process.

When you get called in for an interview at FedEx, there’s something you’re going to need to realize. The drivers and employees who have seniority at FedEx are going to have the “good” hours. That means that the “new guy,” you, is going to be working Thanksgiving or Christmas, and maybe take the late shift quite a bit. It’s nothing personal, it’s just the way things go. Expect to be working odd hours in the beginning; it’ll get better soon.

Is FedEx Hiring?

Right now, there are quite a few FedEx jobs listed on their website. The company, as mentioned, has over 300,000 employees, and their service is growing quickly. What used to be solely air delivery has now expanded to become a global logistics leader in 220 countries around the world. There’s plenty of room for advancement within the organization, and the jobs provide steady work.

If you began exploring FedEx jobs because you’re interested in a government career, check out other organizations. The USPS offers a similar service, but their employees receive government benefits. NYPD is another group which is always hiring. Take a look at NYPD careers for another option.

If you’re interested in careers in transportation similar to FedEx, consider applying for a job with Amtrak. Amtrak jobs range from desk work to full time train conductors, and there are many openings. A position with TSA will also offer you government benefits, and you’ll have some exposure to the transportation industry.

FedEx, however, is a great place to start if you’re just beginning to look for work. So long as you meet the basic requirements you’ll need in order to apply, you’re going to have a great shot at a FedEx career. Check out the job listings at the FedEx website and get started with your application!

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