Best Driving Jobs in the Region (North Central, NJ, NY)

Best Driving Jobs in the Region (North Central, NJ, NY)

Driving Jobs
There’s no denying it: the North Central region has a reputation for having some of the most heavy traffic in the region. Commuters, tourists and those “just passing through” routinely clog up the freeways, making traffic unbearable at times.

However, this means something for you. Transportation is in high demand in the New England area, and driving jobs can pay out quite nicely for those who are willing to deal with the downsides.

Here are some of the best driving jobs in the region, and how to get them.

Public Bus Driver

When you become a public bus driver, you’ll be helping thousands of North Central residents daily. In fact, in New York City alone, almost 667 million people use the public bus system each year.

Bus drivers are one of the best driving jobs in the region because they’re government jobs. For example, in New York City, the NYC Transit Authority operates the public bus system. In Connecticut, it’s CT Transit.

In order to become a public bus driver, you’ll need a CDL. You’ll take both a road and a written test to obtain this certification, then you’re good to go! You’ll also need a clean driving record, but dismissals of traffic tickets usually won’t count against you.

The salary of people who hold public bus driving jobs will vary from state to state. The national average is about $38,000, but New England bus drivers are some of the best paid in the country, some making as much as $62,000 per year.

Taxi Driver

The median income for taxi drivers in the United States is only about $22,500. But they have some of the most interesting jobs in the country for sure!

Taxi driving jobs are flexible if you choose to work as an independent driver. If you work for a company, you can still have some flexibility as you gain superiority within the company. You may start off driving the shifts no one else wants, but you’ll soon be able to choose.

Becoming a taxi driver requires very little experience. As with most driving jobs, you’ll have to have a clean driving record in order to become employed with a company. If you work independently, your record doesn’t much matter; you’ll only need to make sure you can get all applicable insurances.

There are pros and cons to taxi driving. If you’re working in a smaller, suburban area you may not earn as much because your fares will not be continuous. Secondly, you never quite know who’s going to hop into the back seat of your car. Third, you’ll probably have to use your own vehicle, and wear and tear can be expensive.

But there are benefits as well. Your work will give you something new to do every day. You’ll learn your city and meet many interesting people. It’s the excitement of the job that makes taxi driving one of the best driving jobs in the region.

Uber and Lyft Drivers

If you don’t want to work for a company, or if you want complete flexibility over your schedule, you can always contract with Lyft or Uber. There are very few restrictions to becoming a driver – let’s use Uber as an example.

First, you’ll have to send Uber a copy of your registration. You’ll also have to provide your driver license number and a bit of other personal information. Finally, you’ll have to download the Uber app to your phone. The rest is easy!

You’ll change the setting on your app to “working” when you’re ready to start driving. Requests for drivers will come to your phone, and you’ll be on your way.

Like most driving jobs, we recommend that you be mindful of your surroundings at all times. You never know who’s going to get into your car, and it may be to your benefit to install a camera for extra security. Your camera will serve as a bit of backup in case of an emergency.

In addition to protecting you in emergency situations, consider this: many Uber passengers are heavily intoxicated when they call for a ride. The camera that you install in your car will be critical in the case of one of these passengers accusing you of something untoward.

Limousine Drivers

What could be better than driving to the Hamptons? Driving to the Hamptons in a limousine, of course! If you want to perpetually ride in style, limousine driving is one of the best driving jobs you can get.

Now, don’t be fooled. Not every one of your passengers will be a member of the Rich and Famous class. Business professionals, tourists and bratty children who are heavily spoiled by their parents will also ride in the back of your limo. But, on the whole, your clientele will tip well and will, for the most part, they’ll be pretty classy people.

To become a limousine driver, you’ll need a CDL. You can apply for one at your local DMV. In order to work for some companies, you’ll also need to pass a few tests. Some of these tests are driving tests, but others are on how well you know the area in which you’ll work. The tests are easy if you’re working close to where you live, though, or in a city you already know well.

Once you’ve gotten your CDL, you can apply with local limousine companies. Be sure to present yourself in a professional manner, and bring a copy of your driving record and your CDL. Once you’re hired, you’re on your way to meeting some of the richest people in the country!

Other Driving Jobs

There are, of course, other transportation and driving jobs that you can get within the North Central region. And many of those are for big companies. For more information about these jobs, check out our other articles. We’ve covered Amtrak and the USPS, as well as CSX and FedEx.

If driving around the big city fighting crime seems like your jam, check out jobs with the NYPD. Whichever you choose, just be sure that you keep a clean driving record and a clean criminal record. You’ll have one of the best driving jobs in the region in no time!

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