The Biggest Concerns Facing Working Americans Today

The Biggest Concerns Facing Working Americans Today

Biggest Concerns Facing Working Americans

2018 has been a tough year for the United States. There has been tension with Russia and North Korea, trade problems with China, and issues with allies, some of whom have protested against the US president even stepping foot on their soil.

There is a lot to worry about for everyone, but what are the issues concerning the average working American families? What are they worrying about?

The Biggest Domestic Concerns

Believe it or not, general domestic concerns outweigh concerns about finances. The biggest one, which won’t come as a surprise, is dissatisfaction with government. After all, the man in office has the lowest approval rating ever and is the least qualified. Whether you agree with his policies or not, you can’t dispute this fact, nor can you argue with the fact that he attracts controversy.

There are also concerns with regards to immigration, which is always a contentious issues. We are a country of immigrants, but that seems to be forgotten by a select group of individuals and it is they who cause the most concern with regards to this issue. It’s not a good time to be an immigrant, which means millions of American families are worried for their future.

Concerns about the future of the US are also high on people’s minds, but immigration and government dissatisfaction are the leading worries for most American families right now.

The Biggest Financial Issues

There is always something to worry about in business. From general business disputes and transactions to being able to afford to pay staff. Businessmen and women can feel like they have the weight of hundreds of mortgages on their shoulders and that leads to a lot of stress and worry during difficult financial times such as these.

That’s why the economy of the USA is at the forefront of many financial worries in this country. It’s not something the average person will worry about because they don’t see how it effects them, but if they run a business, if they trade or if they otherwise rely on the economy flourishing to make money, they are in deep distress right now.

Unemployment is also a major concern, with many minimum wage workers, factory workers and other blue collar workers worrying that each paycheck will be their last.

Biggest International Issues

While it does feel like World War 3 is just around the corner, international issues are actually the least of everyone’s concerns, or so it seems. Fear of war, terrorism, foreign relations and national security are all less worrying for the average American than the major financial and domestic issues discussed above.

It seems that such issues are of a bigger concern to America’s allies than they are to America themselves, but if we use the North Korea situation as an example then maybe those concerns are unfounded. After all, while they are now a nuclear powered nation, they are also one willing to discuss a truce and one that has even signed a truce of sorts with their neighbors.

Regardless of how much you are worried about the current state of the world or Trump’s ability to trigger the end of days, you have to acknowledge that things are looking increasingly stable in North Korea.

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