Chipotle Jobs: Info on Careers, Hiring Processes and Applications

Chipotle Jobs: Info on Careers, Hiring Processes and Applications

chipotle jobs

Imaging going to Taco Bell but everything’s fresh. There are real beans in your burrito, there’s actual yellow corn in your chili and your taco isn’t covered in Dorito’s.

That’s Chipotle. If you’re looking for a fast food “Mexican” option that’s not fast food, Chipotle is the answer. And if you’re looking for a fast food career that doesn’t involve eating spray cheese on a tortilla on your lunch break, Chipotle jobs may be a good bet for you, too.

Chipotle Careers

Working at Chipotle is much the same as working at a company like Bruegger’s. Both are, technically, fast food restaurants but they’ve each got a reputation for providing healthier options than their burger joint counterparts.

As with any fast food restaurant, and unless you’ve got a degree or two under your belt, you can expect to start small with a Chipotle career. At your hire, you’ll likely be working the most undesirable hours, and will likely be at the cash register or on your feet in the kitchen all day. It’s because of this that fast food restaurants have a very high turnover.

Coupled with the less than ideal working conditions, fast food restaurants are known to be a stepping stone of sorts. Those unemployed, recent college grads and high school students all turn to fast food for a quick way to earn an income. Most move on to something they deem better within a year or so.

But working in fast food doesn’t have to be a short term opportunity. You can actually earn a bit of money and advance within a company like Chipotle if you’re willing to start with an entry level position. Cash register attendants and line cooks are entry level jobs, but these associates can, with a good work ethic, quickly advance to management and supervisory positions.

Alternatively, if you’d like to work in the corporate office, Chipotle has a variety of fields with open positions. Are you an IT guru? Do you have a marketing degree? Experience in Human Resources? Check out a career path with the Chipotle corporate sector.

What Does Chipotle Pay?

If you work in a New York Chipotle, you’ll be subject to the state’s minimum wage for fast food workers. This rate will vary depending upon whether you’re working within NYC or outside of the city. If you’re working in New Jersey, Connecticut or other states, your wage will be a bit different.

A crew member on the Chipotle team makes an average of just over $9 per hour. This is about average for fast food workers across the United States. A cashier will make just slightly more than that, their average rate of pay is about $9.50. If you’re looking for Chipotle jobs which are not in management, you’re probably going to make between $9 and $10 per hour, but if you’re a manager that’s slightly higher. Kitchen managers will earn, on average, $11.20 per hour.

The benefits at Chipotle are about the norm, as well. You’ll have access to health, vision and dental benefits as well as to accrued paid time off. Each employee, after a year, is eligible for a bonus every December. The company offers tuition assistance to those holding Chipotle jobs, and if none of those pleases you, you’ll at least get a free uniform.

Corporate employees who are staff and salaried get slightly better perks. After 10 years of service, these employees will get two months paid time off. They’ll have access to a monthly food stipend, prepaid counseling for themselves and family and more comprehensive educational assistance.

Chipotle Application

Applying at Chipotle is easy. The easiest way to do it, in fact, is to walk into a Chipotle restaurant. Ask to speak with a hiring manager, and let her know that you’re interested in a position with the company. You’ll probably have to fill out an application, but it won’t hurt to also bring a copy of your resume.

You can also apply for Chipotle jobs online. On the company website, you can search available jobs in your area. Register for an account with Chipotle jobs search, and apply for your desired position. As you scroll through the listings, you’ll notice that some will require that you be bilingual. Almost 20% of the population of New York City is Hispanic, so this should come as no surprise.

From application to hire, the interview process will likely take several weeks. It’s rare for Chipotle jobs to be filled “on the spot,” though it’s not unheard of. For your best chance, become a familiar face at your Chipotle restaurant. Let employees know that you’re interested in working with them, and put your best foot forward.

Remember, also, that you’re going to be working the most undesirable hours when you begin working in most fast food chain. Chipotle employees with seniority will have first choice of the hours and time off that they’d like to take, and you’ll have to take what remains. You’ll also likely work only part time hours during your first few weeks or months at Chipotle. But don’t worry; as you grow in the job, your hours will increase.

Is Chipotle Hiring?

At the time this article was written, there were hundreds of Chipotle jobs listed on the company website. These include both restaurant and corporate jobs. As mentioned, fast food restaurants have extremely high turnover so if you don’t see a job listed, go ahead and visit the restaurant. There’s likely a place for you.

If you’re interested in working in fast food, but don’t think Chipotle jobs are right for you, be sure to also check out our guides on other restaurants. Bruegger’s is one possibility, and McDonald’s or Burger King are others.

Overall, working at Chipotle is, well, a fast food job. You’ll have access to benefits and a means to pay your bills. But as you continue working with Chipotle, you’ll find that you’re given pay increases, more paid time off, and great opportunities for advancement.

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