Bruegger’s Jobs: Hiring, Applications, Pay Rate, How to Apply

Bruegger’s Jobs: Hiring, Applications, Pay Rate, How to Apply

bruegger's jobs

Looking for a job in food service, but not quite ready for the fast food scene? Bruegger’s jobs may be a good fit for you.

Bruegger’s Bagels is a food service chain headquartered in neighboring Vermont. The restaurants serve bagels, coffee, desserts, fresh fruit, and our personal favorite – the Leonard da Veggie sandwich.

You can find out if there’s a Bruegger’s in your area by checking out their website. Once you’ve found a location, read on to know how to apply for a Bruegger’s career.

Bruegger’s Careers

A career at Bruegger’s means employment at one of their over 300 locations in the United States and Canada. The company was started in the early 80s, and its claim to fame is combining New York style bagels with Vermont cream cheese. Their other claim to fame is holding the Guinness Record for the world’s largest bagel.

Careers at Bruegger’s usually begin with an entry level position. If you’re skilled in the kitchen, consider a job as a baker with the company. Other positions include counter staff and shift supervisors.

The Bruegger’s headquarters is in Burlington, Vermont, so it’s too far of a commute from New York City. But if you’re relocating to upstate New York, this may be an option for you.

The biggest complaint that previous employees of Bruegger’s have is that they tend to not be given a lot of hours. Managers will likely not experience this, but at an entry level position you may struggle to get the hours you need to earn a living.

Some employees also didn’t like that they had to report to work as early as 4 in the morning. To that, however, we say that it’s probably a key part of the job description. Even if you’re in a location which doesn’t make its own bagels, the restaurants open early in the morning, and someone’s got to be there to serve up the Seoul Sunrise.

What Do Bruegger’s Jobs Pay?

Pay at Bruegger’s is above minimum wage, but it’s not the highest paying job in the industry. If you’re hired as a baker, you can expect an hourly wage of about $10 per hour. Sandwich makers will make even less than that; these employees earn around $9 per hour.

If you’re able to stick it out and be promoted to a management position, you’re going to be paid more. Assistant managers earn an annual salary of $36,000 and managers earn around $40k.

There are other supervisory positions in restaurants which are also salary. Shift managers, for example, earn around $20,000 per year. But, if you do the math, the shift manager position earns little more than the baker at around $10 per hour.

Benefits at Bruegger’s include the standard options for health, dental and vision insurance. You’ll also receive paid time off and holidays. The best benefit cited by employees at Bruegger’s is the flexibility in hours, but again, it may be difficult to get the number of hours you need in order to earn enough money.

Bruegger’s Application

The best way to get a job at Bruegger’s is to apply in person. If you’ve been a regular customer for some time, this will help as well. Make yourself known to the management and staff. Most of Bruegger’s hiring is done by word of mouth, or employee referral. Be sure to smile! The Bruegger’s culture is focused on friendly and personable customer service.

If you choose, you can also apply for a Bruegger’s job online. If you do this, go to The job search portal on the Bruegger’s website sometimes won’t load properly, but all of Bruegger’s jobs are listed on Snagajob.

We do recommend that you just go ahead and apply in person. If you apply online, you’re going to have to come into the restaurant and fill out an application as well. In the interest of time, and in the interest of making sure the management can recognize your face, why not just visit the restaurant in the first place?

The hiring process can take anywhere from a few days to a week. You’ll usually have to participate in two interviews, and this is especially true for management positions.

Once you’re hired, you’ll need to complete a job training. This training is done in the restaurant, and it consists of videos and slideshows. You’ll also have to answer many long questionnaires, and it’s up to the location’s manager as to whether you get paid for that time.

Is Bruegger’s Hiring?

A quick read of the company website delivers the following message: “With over 260 bakeries across the nation, we have immediate job openings for enthusiastic individuals just like you!”

That’s only kind of true. As we mentioned, Bruegger’s very frequently bases its hiring on employee referral. It may not seem that it would be the case in such a quick dining restaurant, but you may have to know someone to get your foot in the door at Bruegger’s.

Along those same lines, while Bruegger’s jobs may not be in short supply, you’re still going to have the struggle of getting the number of hours you need. Many times, companies will choose to hire a number of part time workers instead of a few full time employees. Doing this will save the company money on overtime and benefits.

If you apply for Bruegger’s jobs, be sure to ask your hiring manager what your weekly schedule will be like. If the Bruegger’s job that he has available for you won’t cover enough hours to pay your bills, then look for another job. It’s that simple.

That aside, there are very few complaints by past employees about Bruegger’s jobs. The compensation isn’t great, but it’s above minimum wage. Bruegger’s jobs are also known for a good work-life balance.

Bruegger’s jobs aren’t at the top of our recommendations for you. But if you want career advancement potential, a fast paced environment, and deeply discounted chive cream cheese, Bruegger’s may be a good job for you.

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