About Us (North Central Careers Job Site in New England)

About Us (North Central Careers Job Site in New England)

So, who are North Central Careers, what do we do, why do we do what we do, and how can you join us? Those are the questions that we aim to answer in this About Us page. So, if you’re interested, read on. Of course, very few of you will actually be interested, but we felt that this page had to exist just in case!

Who Are North Central Careers

We are a small team of writers and website creators who run many projects, of which NCC is just a small part. This site was created to help those in the north central region learn more about available jobs, while helping to prepare them for interviews, CVs and everything else they need.

The site was actually a dropped domain that sparked our interest. It was always a topic that interested us and it was one we were excited to get involved with. We have a lot of respect for the guys who owned this domain before we and it was our goal to maintain a lot of what they did. Of course, we didn’t use any of their content or layouts, but we stuck to the original idea and expanded on it where we could.

So, if you’re visiting looking for what went before, we’re not the same guys. However, we do the same job and we are just as committed to making this project a success, so stay with us and we will make it worth your while!

The North Central Careers Team

There are a few long-term writers working on the North Central Careers website, as well as a trusted developer, but that’s pretty much it.

North Central Careers is part of a larger company (CompulsionMedia.com) that owns a string of top content websites across many different subjects. In all cases it is our goal to inform and to educate, while also entertaining when and where possible. North Central Careers is just a small part of a much bigger machine and is more of a labor of love than anything else.

That’s why only a few members of our trusted team work on this site. Speaking of which, if you would like to join the NCC team, or become part of our parent company, then checkout the info included below.

How to Join the North Central Careers Team

If you visit our Write For Us page you can learn how to post your own articles on the North Central Careers website. You can either become a regular contributor to the website, posting what you want when you want it, or you can submit a few articles. In all cases your work will go through our editor, so make sure it’s up to scratch and you will get the respect you deserve from them.

Learn More About Us

And, that’s pretty much it. We will not bore you by telling you more about us. You pretty much know all that you need to know. So, get out there, start clicking around, get accustomed to the site and take your first steps toward a new and exciting career today. With the North Central Careers team behind you, there is nothing stopping you!